Liesbeth den Besten about in 2019 nominated pieces


Sigrid Kuusk, Moon
A black disk hangs from a soft broad black leather band. The disk has a softly undulating surface and outline. The perfect glistering coloured stones in the black surface catch the eyes – they are glowing in the dark. The purple stones in one of the pendants seem to reflect the universe on the surface of the moon. On a more symbolical level these coloured stones look like tears. Did Sigrid Kuusk create two crying moons, watching those lost creatures on planet Earth?

Erle Nemvalts, Cross
The cross is a void, an empty space in a black painted box. The cross is slightly deepened in the surface, and it is placed not exactly in the center of the rectangular brooch. The lines of the cross are not straight but look as if they have been hand drawn on the surface and then cut. It has a liveliness therefore, and doesn’t remind of institutional religious crosses; it looks like a cross of hope and life, instead of suffering.